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All the benefits of an office space without the cost of leasing one. Try the best coworking space in the Fraser Valley today!

Working From Home is Challenging & Distracting

You know it's time to find a coworking space when you consistently find yourself working a never-ending business day since you can never finish your tasks... Every. Single. Day.

You ask yourself, how did this happen yet AGAIN?!?

Day after day, you find yourself consistently losing work hours to:

  • Binge-watching Netflix
  • Interruptions from kids
  • The pop-in by your mother-in-law
  • Cat sitting in front of your screen

You find yourself working later, day after day, because of this. Starting, growing and scaling a business is hard, can be costly and time-consuming.

It's time to become more productive by not working exclusively from home.

So that's why we started Backbone Coworking & Executive Offices. 


Becoming more productive is as easy as counting to 3

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What Our Members Say

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Be more productive today!


It's time to be more productive and start coworking

Did you know that working from home actually creates too much autonomy which can actually cripple productivity?

Most importantly, working in our shared workspace allows you to:

  • Collaborate & network with other entrepreneurs
  • Look pro to your clients by using our designer boardrooms & meeting rooms
  • Impress clients or blow off steam in our virtual golf simulator meeting room
  • Turn your house back into a home
  • Achieve a work-life balance
  • No animal distractions
  • No more family pop-ins
  • No more business on the top and PJs on the bottom.
  • Yes, pants are required

Got a $20 bill in your wallet? Try us for two weeks. You might just like it here.

Membership Amenities

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24/7 Building Access

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High Speed Internet

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Business-Class Printing

amenitiesArtboard 23

Designer Boardrooms

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Fully Furnished Offices

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Private Lockers

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Standing Desks

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Supportive Community

amenitiesArtboard 16

Private Phone Booth

amenitiesArtboard 1

Event Space

amenitiesArtboard 4

Inviting Common Space

amenitiesArtboard 10

Golf Simulator Meeting Room

amenitiesArtboard 15

Media & Podcast Room

amenitiesArtboard 8

Health Studio

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Artboard 27

Virtual Office / Commercial Mailing Address

Asset 45

Wellness Room

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Let’s work together!

Pay only $19 for two weeks of full 24/7 access to Backbone Coworking.

Coworking Memberships

Lounge Pass

Come in, grab a coffee, grab an available seat, break out the laptop and give 'er. 

  • Included:

    1 membership, boardroom & feature room credits

  • Access:


  • Investment:


Private Desk

Need a space to rock the dual-screen setup, without needing to tear them down every time you head home?

  • Included:

    1 membership, boardroom & feature room credits

  • Access:


  • Investment:


Our shared workspace provides the flexibility of working without the isolation or distractions

Did you know that working from home exclusively can cause insomnia? Time to get more sleep and chat with us about grabbing a shared workspace membership at Backbone Coworking & Executive Offices in Abbotsford and never work alone.

Come in and work any time. We have free-flowing coffee and a shower so you can work any time creativity strikes.

Reduce loneliness. Increase connection. Get more things done.


Let’s (co)work together!

Limited time offer: Pay only $19 for two weeks of 24/7 access to Backbone Coworking.

Featured Amenities


Private Offices

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Health Studio

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Golf Simulator Meeting Room

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Wellness Room

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Event Space

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Virtual Office

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Media/Podcast Room

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Stop working alone and start coworking, so that you can turn your house back into a home and become more productive today.

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