Two woman at work place, consulting each other.

How to Lead a Productive Meeting

In the fast-paced business world, meetings play a vital role in collaboration, decision-making, and driving progress. But let's be honest, not all meetings are created equal.  To make the most of everyone's time and expertise, it's crucial to be a ...

7 Signs It Might Be Time to Start Using a Coworking Space

Feeling like you’re putting in the hours but not getting the outcome you were hoping for? This is where a coworking space comes in. You see, while there can be many reasons for this, one of the most overlooked reasons ...
a happy freelancer

10 Tips on How to Be a Successful Freelancer in Abbotsford

Located just an hour outside of Vancouver, Abbotsford BC is a thriving city in its own right. With all the benefits of a metropolitan area and additional perks such as breathtaking mountain scenery and close proximity to Seattle, Abbotsford has ...
How to Break Into B.C.’s Creative Industry: Steps To Career Success - Conference

How to Build a Career in the B.C. Creative Industry: 8 Steps To Career Success

If you’ve ever dreamed of working in the arts, a career in the B.C. creative industry deserves your attention. British Columbia is arguably Canada’s most exciting province when it comes to film, art, and design. Ryan Reynolds agrees.  Not only ...
The Future of Work in 2022

The Future of Work in 2022: 5 Key Themes Reshaping The Workplace

It’s wild to think the majority of us used to go to an office to work.  You remember the days: people would get up, shower, coif their hair, get dressed in work-appropriate attire, fight public transit or rush hour traffic, ...
How To Negotiate A Raise

How To Negotiate A Raise: 9 Tips For Making The Ask

If you’re an employee, as many of us are, you should know how to negotiate a raise with your employer.  Many of us shy away from raise negotiations though because it makes us nervous, we worry we’ll sound greedy or ...

The 10 Biggest Work And Business Trends For 2022

What does the future hold for work and business trends in 2022? Looking back at last year, trends included the creation of safer work environments, flexible schedules, and added cybersecurity.  Today, the workplace continues to evolve. The unprecedented changes that ...
best podcasts for businessowners 2021

The 25 Best Business Podcasts for 2022

As an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve listened to some of the best business podcasts out there. The list is always changing, however, so it's good to search out new business shows often. Podcasts are ideal for business owners because they’re ...
A Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Entrepreneurs

A Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Entrepreneurs: 12 Ideas for Memorable Gifts

Why is gift giving important for entrepreneurs? Why give gifts to clients and customers at the holidays? The right holiday appreciation gift stay can help you show your gratitude for and stay top of mind with your customers all year ...

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