Media Room for Content Creators and Consultants In Greater Vancouver / Abbotsford

You’re a content creator. You deserve the perfect inspired space to create in.

Backbone Executive Office’s Media Room is a professional, quiet, and affordable mini recording room for content creators, industry consultants, podcasters, instructors, and online business owners in Abbotsford and the Greater Vancouver area.

Are you looking for a recording space in the Greater Vancouver area?

Come Tour Backbone’s Media Room

Are you tired of recording your podcasts in your closet in order to find a quiet production environment?

Are you an industry consultant frustrated by being unable to find a reliable, affordable, and professional space to host your webinars and Zoom meetings, and record your courses?

Are you a business owner ready to ditch your current dark and cluttered video recording space in order to shoot professional-grade product demonstrations for your customers?

Are you tired of spending too much time and effort scheduling and rescheduling podcast guests because you don't have an available recording room that works with their schedule?


Are you ready to give your production the location it deserves?

Rent a mini media studio that's fit for a professional content creator—like you. 

Make a good first impression with your podcast guests by inviting them to a clean, modern, and inviting media room.


Why Book Backbone?

Our media room is a modern, private, and quiet rental space perfect for content creators. If you’re looking for a private recording studio in which to film video magic, our media room is it!

Private media room

Quiet and modern—perfect for podcast recordings

Blue Yeti Microphone—to ensure your first recording is the only recording you’ll need; also ideal for private Zoom meeting audio

LED Light Ring—to eliminate shadows on the face

Desk, comfortable chair, and a blank-slate wall—provides a clean and sleek backdrop for your video recordings

Ample free parking for content creators

Coffee bar and kitchen area—if you need to take a break, enjoy a coffee, and have a snack.

Private keyed access to the media room

Casual lounge area—ideal for those times when you want to sit back, pick your feet up, and brainstorm your next video

Access to clean and modern bathrooms

A modern media room stocked with the essentials

Our Backbone Executive Office’s Media Room provides the ideal environment for content creators to record their videos, podcasts, and webinars, host private Zoom meetings, record courses, create product demonstrations, and hold client meetings.

Backbone’s Media Room includes:


Private Mini Recording Studio


Professional-Grade Mic


Slick Modern Ring Light


HD Wide-Angle Webcam


Casual Lounge


Coffee Bar & Kitchen Space


FREE 3-hour parking for content creators and guests

Media Room Pricing

Whether you’re looking to record on a weekday, evening, or weekend, our media room is available

Public Hourly


Backbone Members

For members looking to record their own video and audio content.

$10/hr, or coworking credits

If you’re looking to record on an ongoing basis, please contact Backbone to bulk hourly rates. Contact Backbone.

Are you looking for a professional and private recording space?

Rent a mini recording studio that’s fit for a professional content creator—like you.

Make a good first impression with your podcast guests by inviting them to a clean, modern, and inviting media room.